Production of reactors and transformers

KPM has been operating since 2008. Starting the activity as a supplier of equipment for electric power facilities, the company quickly set a course for developing in-house production and providing highly competent services (design, installation and setting-up complex equipment, turnkey project management).

KPM, LLC currently has its own production sites in St. Petersburg, design and engineering departments, the specialists of which have wide experience, and an installation and commissioning division.

The KPM plant is an integrated production facility. All production processes are carried out in the company workshops – electrical machinery coil winding, welding and soldering, machining, assembly, impregnation and baking of windings, and coating. The plant has its own testing laboratory, and all products are subject to mandatory inspection before releasing.

The first products designed and manufactured by KPM were dry type reactors. The reactor designing and production technology is a Russian proprietary development result. This is confirmed by the patents obtained by KPM, LLC.

The experience of foreign companies – manufacturers of dry type reactors was taken into account during the development. In its design, KPM managed to reproduce the best features of the imported equipment on the Russian manufacturing base. The result obtained is an example of successful import substitution.

To date, KPM, LLC has accumulated a wide experience in the production of dry type reactors for networks of different voltage classes and for various purposes. More than 7,000 units of this equipment for voltages up to 330 kV inclusive are currently in operation. We have experience in production of unique dry type reactors with a rated current of 7200 A.

Current-limiting reactors are the most widespread among those manufactured. However, filter, shunt, damping, grounding, starting and other special purpose reactors are also produced. Among the unique solutions, there is a starting reactor for the world's largest synchronous machine - the KSVB-160 160 MVA synchronous compensator.

The development of such unique products is not only an engineering and design challenge. Even the development of initial technical requirements for such reactors is non-obvious and is essentially a research work. Nevertheless, we have successfully achieved the objectives.

But KPM shows no sign of letting up. In the near future, the company is planning to enter the production of dry type reactors for voltage classes of up to 750 kV inclusive.

The company has launched the production of dry type transformers for voltages of up to 35 kV. More than 2,500 units of this equipment are currently in operation. We produce both transformers for distribution networks, industrial enterprises and in-house needs of power plants and substations, and special-purpose transformers - for step-down and rectifier units, reactive power compensation systems, etc.

KPM initially defined clear equipment production and development priorities - full compliance with the current regulatory framework and confirmation of all characteristics by independent test centers.

All tests are carried out as stipulated by the current GOST and industry standards, including overcurrent and short-circuit withstand tests, climatic, seismic and ignition tests. For testing, cooperation has been established with the largest trustworthy laboratories and test centers both in Russia and elsewhere.

The experience in supplying our original equipment has indicated the need to support our customers at the design, installation and commissioning stages. KPM, LLC has established engineering and installation and commissioning divisions. To date, they have completed dozens of turnkey facilities for voltage classes of up to 110 kV inclusive.

Now, KPM, LLC is ready to offer its Customers a wide range of electrical products complying with all applicable standards and regulations, as well as a wide range of services up to the implementation of turnkey projects. We are open for any mutually beneficial cooperation!

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