Advantages of transformers manufactured by KPM plant

The main advantages of transformers:

1) The highest mechanical strength and short-circuit current capability. GOST R 52719-2007 cl. 6.4.1.

2) Thermal class of insulation 200 (200 °С).

3) Cooling ducts in LV and HV windings.

4) Low heating. GOST R 52719-2007 cl. 6.1.4.

5) Overload capability – up to 100% above the rating.

6) Operation at power rating throughout the design period of operation (at least 40 years).

7) Storage and operation at low temperatures, up to -60 °С.

8) Protection of conductors against exposure to an adverse, chemically aggressive environment.

9) Fire safety. GOST 12.1.004-91, GOST cl.3.1.10.

10) Seismic resistance of 9 points as per MSK-64 scale. GOST 30546.1-98, GOST 30546.2-98, GOST 30630.1.1-99.

11) Low noise level. GOST 12.2.024-87.

12) Operation in severe conditions which other transformers fail to withstand.

13) Development and manufacture of unconventional solutions focused on the maximum customer satisfaction.