The plant of «KPM» carries out production of the transformers calculated on work at different tension and a current. More modern dry transformers come to change to ordinary oil transformers, allowing to avoid leakage of oil. Good isolation, small the weight and the sizes of dry transformers allow to establish them closer to a place of consumption of energy. Dry transformers use as distributive power transformers of general purpose, for current transformation for the equipment working at a direct current, and on transport.

To limit size of a shock current at short circuit in electric networks production of reactors with air cooling on tension to 220 quarter is organized. At installation of current limiting reactors, it is necessary to mean that dry-type reactors form the magnetic field, capable to cause fittings heating in ferro-concrete products and to cause premature destruction of these products.

«KPM» develops and makes dry a current limiting reactors with the natural air cooling, intended for work in power supply systems on tension to 220kV for the purpose of restriction of currents of short circuit in electric networks and preservations of level of tension in electroinstallations in case of short circuit. Reactors on a current from 50 to 6000 And with inductive resistance from 0,1 to 2,5 Ohm are issued. At will of the customer demands for non-standard executions can be considered.

Current-Limiting Reactors

KPM, LLC has manufactured current-limiting reactors for a long time. Thousands of reactor coils have been made, and huge experience in their manufacture and operation has been gained.

Filter Reactors

They are intended for use in AC networks where due to the specific nature of loads high-frequency disturbances may occur. The reactor, being by its functional principle a filter of higher harmonic oscillations, limits the spread of such disturbances in the electrical network.

Smoothing Reactors

Smoothing reactors are intended to be used in rectified (direct) current circuits of various voltage classes. Such as power circuits of melters, municipal transport overhead contact systems, powerful industrial drives and DC current installations, inserts and lines, etc.

Shunt Reactors

They are used to compensate for reactive power.

Damping reactors

Damping reactors are intended for series connection between power network and bank of capacitors and ensure the following:

  • Current surge limiting during switching of banks of capacitors;
  • Control of overcurrents that might occur during transient-state conditions in the bank of capacitors’ circuit.
Neutral Grounding Reactors

Single-phase reactors designed to be installed between neutral and ground.

Starting Reactors
KPM, LLC manufactures starting reactors for electrical machines of various rating power.