Complex Solutions and Construction-Assembly Works

KPM, LLC has been started as a manufacturer and supplier of electrical equipment. Gradually, in response to our Customers’ needs, KPM, LLC decided to expand the assortment of manufactured and supplied equipment, render services, provide equipment installation supervision, and post-warranty repair.

Our vast experience allowed to proceed to development of complex solutions and performance of works — starting with installation and designing and finishing with comprehensive solution of the Customer’s problems, including all the necessary types of works: from the facility studies and designing, equipment manufacture and supply to construction, installation and engineering setup.

Nowadays, KPM, LLC has own technical staff that includes skilled professionals (assemblers, servicemen, foremen, engineers), fleet of special-purpose machinery, and is capable of performing the following types of works and render the following services on its own:

  • Supply and “turnkey” installation of reactors and transformers (rated for voltages up to 330 kV), package transformer substations and switching equipment (6-10-35/0.4 kV).
  • Designing — development of design documentation for substations rated for voltages up to 110 kV. In particular, designing of new facilities and retrofitting of existing ones.
  • Inspection of electricity generation facilities, expert review and preparation of recommendations.
  • Range of construction works on power supply grid facilities and industrial-purpose substations.
  • Range of installation works, including installation of new and disassembly of outdated and faulty equipment at the existing facilities.
  • Laying of 6–10 kV cables, installation of cable support structures and cable accessories.
  • Installation of circuit breakers, cells and low-voltage and medium-voltage switching equipment, their retrofitting.
  • Installation and setup of relay protection and automatics, ACS and teleautomatics, installation and setup of support systems.

KPM, LLC has by now performed and delivered works at over 30 facilities with voltages of 6 kV to 110 kV. The company has all the required permits to construction, installation and designing of power supply grid facilities.

The advantage of KPM, LLC is that the company is not only the work performer but also the equipment manufacturer. Thus, the company has thorough understanding of the properties and peculiarities of electrical equipment, vast practical knowledge.

It is not infrequent that integrators, contractors and suppliers do not have such fundamental understanding. Since such companies have to do with different equipment every time, significant amount of work is subcontracted.

In present-day conditions, Customers increasingly frequently have to deal with lack of qualification of their contractors — designers and construction and erection organizations. Lack of deep professional qualification is found in virtually all industry fields, and electrotechnics is not an exception. Experienced staff raised in the Soviet Union leave their jobs because of their age and newcomers are not always trained and experienced enough.

Large electrical grid enterprises (grid companies) solve this issue by creating specialized divisions or separate companies — authorized construction control centers. Such centers gather competent personnel experienced in control of the quality of works performed by the contractors.

Large industrial enterprises find themselves even more difficult position. Their processes depend directly on power supply reliability and quality. But they cannot create specialized divisions with numerous staff. Electric power supply for industrial enterprises is not a profit center, it is rather a support process and surplus expenditures connected with it are economically inadvisable.

Moreover, industrial enterprises have their specifics — deep inter-process connections and power supply circuits. All the while, the scale of power supply at large enterprises may be comparable with that of grid companies — the power supply circuits of enterprises (such as, for example, metallurgical ones) comprise tens of substations and quite long power transmission lines. Because of the technology requirements, many processing companies comprise not only electric power consumer installations but also generating capacities. In fact, such circuits are comparable with power distribution zones (PDZ) within grid companies.

That is why complex solutions offered by KPM, LLC was required by industrial enterprises in the first place (over 20 comprehensive projects were successfully implemented by KPM, LLC exactly in the industrial sector). However, the KPM, LLC experience includes works for grid and generating companies.

Currently, industrial enterprises face more and more complicated problems related to power supply. In early 2000’s, the acute problem used to be physical ageing of equipment. Nowadays, obsolescence is of more importance:

  • Power supply circuits at most of the enterprises were designed long ago, and those of many enterprises — as early as in the times of the USSR. De facto, power and load conditions have changed as compared with the design ones. New process equipment and drives are installed. Organizational and economic conditions have also changed — new issues and problems in relationship with the grid and generating companies have appeared.
  • It is necessary to reduce the losses in the electrical networks of enterprises. It is also necessary to control the reactive power balance, level of higher harmonic components.

Because of this, there is a necessity in intelligent study and analysis of the situation in the electrical networks of the enterprise. Such study may include:

  • Analysis of the existing network, its topology, potential problems;
  • Analysis of accidents in the network;
  • Analysis of design documentation, its conformance to the current conditions;
  • Hardware-based study of the network (measurements, oscilligraphy);
  • Development of network improvement recommendations and measures plan, troubleshooting.

We make complex solutions, such as