Reactive Power Devices

Reactive Power Devices Are the Optimal Solution for the Challenges Faced by the Modern Power Systems

The new regulations in Russia have inspired a new national policy focusing on innovations, energy efficiency and conservation. This policy sets a new objective for the industry – transition to the smart grid, which is distinguished by high reliability, security, efficiency, minimal maintenance costs, availability, controllability, and customer focus.

KPM company delivers innovations for maintaining grid security and efficiency in the short and mid-term. We develop our innovative principles in line with all applicable industry and environmental regulations.

Our innovations comply with the technological priorities of the Rosseti national utility. KPM's projects focus on reducing TCO, creating smart energy systems and introducing digital technologies into the power systems.

Sources of Reactive Power: Concept design and operation

A source of reactive power (SRP) is transmission equipment and devices which are capable to maintain a constant voltage level in the distribution grid. The main SRP elements include 6-500 kV magnetically-controlled shunt reactors (CSR), static VAR compensators (SVC) and capacitor banks.

SRPs significantly improve the quality and security of the power supply as they prevent voltage fluctuations while also reducing transmission and distribution losses. Also, the reactive power transmission equipment and devices are capable of increasing the grid’s throughput and preventing disruptions due to the grid’s instability in the case of voltage drops.

Reactive power sources based on 6-500 kV magnetically-controlled shunt reactors (CSR), static VAR compensators (SVC) and capacitor banks (CB):

Item Rated voltage, kV** QCSR, MVAr** QSVC, MVAr QCB, MVAr***
IRM–6/3.6 (6.3)/3.6 6 3.6 - 3.6 (6.3)
IRM–6/6.3 (12.6)/6.3 6 6.3 - 6.3 (12.6)
IRM–6/10 (20)/10 6 10 - 10 (20)
IRM–10/3.6 (6.3)/3.6 10 3.6 - 3.6 (6.3)
IRM–10/6.3 (12.6)/6.3 10 6.3 - 6.3 (12.6)
IRM–10/10 (20)/10 10 10 - 10 (20)
IRM–35/10 (20)/10 35 10 - 10 (20)
IRM–35/16 (32)/16 35 16 - 16 (32)
IRM–35/25 (50)/25 35 25 - 25 (50)
IRM–110/25 (50)/25 110 50 2.5 25 (50)
IRM–110/50 (100)/50 110 50 5 50 (100)
IRM–220/30/100 220 100 10 30****
IRM–220/50 (100)/100 220 100 10 50 (100)
IRM–220/100 (200)/100 220 100 10 100 (200)
IRM–330/10/100 330 100 10 -
IRM–330/50/100 330 100 10 up to 50****
IRM–330 (500)/18/180 330;
180 18 -
IRM–330 (500)/90/180 330;
180 18 up to 90****

* Other SRPs may be used.

** The SRP device can be manufactured of any rated power and for any rated voltage (with 1 or 2 sections of capacitor banks).

*** Capacitor bank’s nominal voltage 6–220 kV corresponds to the rated voltage of the SRP device (the capacitive power of the device is indicated in parentheses given the two sections of capacitor banks).

**** Capacitor banks are connected to the specified SRP devices to the compensating field of the reactor with a rated voltage of 10–35 kV, depending on the rated voltage and power of the SRP reactor.

Application of Reactive Power Devices

Over the last twenty years, reactive power equipment and devices have been extensively used in many countries to regulate the voltage and balance of reactive power in 35–500 kV grids. For example, the application of magnetically-controlled shunt reactors (CSR) as a reactive power source solves the issue of capacitive power factor correction at the railway traction substations.

The application of SRP reduces the loss of active power and regulates the voltage in the contact line. These devices ensure compliance with the utility requirements for reactive power consumption.

For more than twenty years, experts have been benchmarking the grids in terms of the overload and efficiency management – in Russia as well as internationally. KPM experts have valuable experience in electrical network research and are ready to contribute their expertise to your estimations. KPM company has all the necessary permits and clearances for construction, installation and design of the power grid facilities. Our scope of expertise includes:

  • Estimation of the demand of the power grids and CSR/RPS devices (technical requirements and specifications take into account the connection point, the grid’s voltage rating and class);
  • Development of technical solutions;
  • Client-tailored support.