Isolating transformers


Isolating transformers are special-purpose electrical machines intended for generating of galvanic isolation between power mains and electric-receiving plant circuits.

The most frequent damage in electric power mains is single phase-to-earth fault. In this case there is an electric shock hazard for people due to appearance of voltage on the body and neutral point of the electrical installation. It concerns all the electrical appliances and devices connected to the damaged network. Isolating transformer eliminates the danger for people operating the electric-receiving plant, as in this case the plant and power mains turn out to be galvanically isolated.

Isolating transformers are installed in locations with strict electrical safety requirements. These locations include basements, well shafts, medical rooms and medical apparatuses, rooms with high humidity, bath-house and swimming-pool rooms and similar.

Design Features

Isolating transformers are also equipped with reinforced insulation, as in case of single-phase short circuit there are overvoltages emerging in power mains.