Dry-type transformers
KPM, LLC has been manufacturing dry-type transformers on the basis of the genuine technology for a long time. Since 2008 a significant number of transformers has been manufactured and supplied on industrial and power facilities of the Russian Federation and the States of the former Soviet Union.
Power reducing transformers
Power reducing transformers are intended for supply voltage reduction up to the level of consumer current collectors voltage. Auxiliary power transformers of electric substations and electric power plants are reducing transformers as well.
Coupling transformers
Coupling transformers are intended for electric coupling and power exchange between the distribution mains of different voltage classes. For example, between the mains of 20 and 6 kV. Coupling between the mains of different voltage classes allows to increase the reliability of power supply and increase the redundancy level.
Isolating transformers
Isolating transformers are special-purpose electrical machines intended for generating of galvanic isolation between power mains and electric-receiving plant circuits.
Converter transformers for rectifying units and inverter installations
The usage of power electronics of different purpose is constantly growing. In this regard there is a demand in special-purpose transformers operating with rectifying units and inverter installations. Converter transformers transfer power between AC mains and DC mains circuits.
Transformers for tracking substations of electrified transport
As a rule, if it is said about special-purpose transformers for tracking substations, it implies transformers for connection of contact line feeders. Characteristics of such transformers may differ depending upon the contact line type.
Transformers for mining excavators
Transformers for mining excavators are special-purpose transformers. Their specifications are determined by special operating conditions and operating modes.