Advantages of reactors manufactured by the KPM plant

The main advantages of reactors:

1) Monolithic windings do not require maintenance. Welded crosses and contact points. The absence of bolted connections in the windings.

2) The highest mechanical strength and resistance to short-circuit currents.

3) High thermal resistance and low heat at rated currents.

4) Reduction of losses due to the implementation of transpositions and the lack of contact connections.

5) Protection of conductors from exposure to the environment and UV radiation. Resistance to adverse climatic factors.

6) Individual solutions focused on maximum customer satisfaction.

7) Compact solutions for installation in cramped conditions.

8) Minimum costs for installation;

9) Ability to manufacture custom solutions.

10) The conductor insulation has a heat resistance class of 200 (200 ° C).

11) Slow-burning insulation according to GOST 12.1.044-89.

12) The service life of at least 40 years.