Basic specifications of converter transformers TSP-1000 with copper windings

Parameter UoM Value
Power kVA 1000
Number of phases - 3
PW voltage kV 6.0, 6.3, 10.0, 10.5
PW voltage control steps % ±2х2.5
VW voltage* kV 0.4; 0.44; 0.475; 0.58; 0.6; 0.69; 0.765
Winding arrangement and phase-displacement group - Y/Y-0; Y/D-11; D/Y-11; D/D-0; Y/Yn-0; D/Yn-11
Heat resistance class of the transformer as per GOST 8865-93 - H (180 °С)
Heat resistance class of the insulation as per GOST 8865-93 - 200 (200 °С)
Winding material - Cu
Type of cooling system - Air Natural Vertical cooling channels in valveside and power windings.
Insulation type - Air-barrier monolith
Conductor insulation material - Polyimide-fluoroplastic film with two layers of fiber glass filament
Losses ХХ W 2050
Current ХХ % 0.8
SC losses (at t=115 °С) W 12000
SC voltage % 6.0
Climatic version: - U; UHL; T
Placement category - 2; 3; 4
Protection rating according to GOST 14254-96 - IP00

Technological advantages:

  • Winding is protected using glass-containing tapes impregnated in the compound.
  • Monolithic windings with a triple impregnation-curing cycle in the compound with increased concentration of silicon.
  • Pressing of the yoke with yoke beams pulled together with studs.

*Other valveside winding voltages are possible as per the Customer's requirements

Copper converter transformer TSP-1000