Excavator transformer TSZP-1000/6EK-UHL2 CU

Excavator transformers TSZP-1000/6EK-UHL2 CU have been manufactured by specialists of KPM LLC.

These transformers are designed for heavy dynamic loads. Therefore, to reduce the impact of vibration loads, the active part of the transformers is mounted in a supporting frame. Transformers will be used on tracked mining excavators EKG-15M.

At the request of the Customer, each transformer was additionally installed with:

  • breakdown fuse at the VO "a" terminal, type PP A/Z UZ 660/690 V - 1pc.;
  • switch disconnector Schneider INV1000 ZP - 1pc.;
  • transition plates - 2 sets;
  • contact plates for cables - 2 sets;
  • pole separators - 2 sets
Excavator transformer TSZP-1000/6EK-UHL2 CU
28.05.2021 13:19