Dry transformers for voltage 35 kV

KPM LLC specialists completed the production of dry transformers for a voltage of 35 kV. As part of the fulfillment of this order, the following were manufactured:

  • two TSZ-6300/35-UHL1 35/6 transformers, intended for power supply of mining tracked excavators EGK-18;
  • one TSZ-2500/35-UHL1 35/6 transformer, intended for power supply of construction camp.

At the request of the Customer, these transformers are additionally equipped with:

  • brass cable glands M100;
  • current transformers TOL-10-8.2-2-5P/5P-800/5 U2;
  • surge arresters OPNp-35/40.5/10/500 UHL1.
Dry transformers for voltage 35 kV
Dry transformers 35 kV
09.06.2021 12:13