Shipment of transformers TSZ-630/10/0.4

As part of the contract with Molnia Yamal LLC, the successive shipment of the batch of transformers TSZ-630/10/0.4 was made. Two transformers TSZ-630/10/0.4 on TS-208 replaced the oil ones that had been previously used by the Molnia Yamal resort complex.

Within the period from 2018, KPM Company has replaced oil transformers with dry ones TSZ-630/10/0.4 on TS 220 – 4 pcs., and TS 208 – 2 pcs for Molnia Yamal resort complex located on the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory, Nebug.

Thanks to "air-barrier monolith" manufacturing technology of transformers, Molnia Yamal LLC managed to reduce the cost of the construction part and not to modernize the cooling and ventilation systems at transformer substations.

Shipment of transformers TSZ-630/10/0.4
18.02.2020 19:14