Dry transformer 7500 kVA

The KPM company manufactured and supplied a dry power transformer with a capacity of 7500 kVA, type ТСЗ-7500/10-У3.

At the request of the customer, a forced cooling system is installed on this transformer, allowing operating the transformer in overload mode.

Upon production work completion, the customer was invited to the KPM LLC production site, where, in his presence, the factory acceptance tests were carried out. After testing, the KPM LLC specialists packed and delivered the transformer to the customer's warehouse. The transformer weight was 14 tons.

When selecting a transformer manufacturer, the customer conducted a market analysis, which resulted in selecting the KPM company as a service provider.

The project was implemented under a government contract. The transformer will operate as part of a test bench.

KPM LLC transformers advantages:

  •  monolithic windings with high resistance to short-circuit currents and load surges;
  •  vertical cooling channels in the HV and LV windings, contributing to effective cooling and lowering the operating temperature;
  •  the heat resistance class H (180 C), together with windings reduced operating temperature, gives a significant heating margin and ensures insulation long service life.
Dry transformer 7500 kVA
12.02.2021 16:17