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Production of reactors Production of transformers

Production of reactors

Dry limiting reactors LLC "KPM" with natural air cooling are designed to work in the power, voltage up to 220 kV in order to limit short-circuit currents in electrical networks and maintain the level of voltage in electrical systems in the event of a short circuit.

Production of transformers

Ltd. "KPM" produces dry transformers for various purposes: power, their own needs, converting, special power up to 6300kVA and voltages up to 35kV.

About us

The plant "KPM" carries out production of the transformers calculated on work at different tension and a current. More modern dry transformers come to change to ordinary oil transformers, allowing to avoid leakage of oil. Good isolation, small the weight and the sizes of dry transformers allow to establish them closer to a place of consumption of energy. Dry transformers use as distributive power transformers of general purpose, for current transformation for the equipment working at a direct current, and on transport. More


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